Good to know

We are available Monday – Thursday from 13.30 to 17.00 h CEST (UTC+2:00), and are based in Switzerland. We do not work on the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) and will never expect you to either!


Email is the best way to get in touch with us. During our project, we will primarily use Basecamp and Invision to communicate. This helps us keep everything organized and in one place.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp communication are not preferred as we’d hate to lose your details and info by accident!

Zoom Video Call

Prefer a face to face online chat via Zoom? Feel free to schedule an appointment. Scheduling calls keeps our work from being interrupted and allows us to focus on your project.

Quick Call 15'


Live in Switzerland? I would love to catch up somewhere central to both of us for a coffee/tea and in-person chat, so feel free to email and we can work out a time/date that suits us both.

Contact by Phone

+41 79 709 82 76

Contact by Email

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday
13.30 to 17.00 h

Response Time

Normally within 48 Hours 
during work days

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